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The study of the animal sound is a form of onomatopoeia. It is a animal house veterinary clinic special word form that represents the sound of any animal. Some of the sound words are ‘pop, buzz, hiss, meow,’ etc. Each living species’ sounds and voices are either different or the same with their body structure and living habitat. The vocal cord of every creature is so developed by nature and the biological specifications that separate everyone. Omnivores are animals that eat both plants and other animals, which makes them different from carnivores, herbivores, and many other animals that mostly eat one or the other.

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  • They are usually gray or brown and have long trunks that they use to eat, drink, and communicate.
  • Farm animals are raised to provide food and livestock, while domestic animals are kept as pets.
  • Uromastyx is a genus (a group of closely-related species) of mid-to-large sized lizards.
  • It is widely known that swans often mate for life – this romantic aspect adds to the cuteness of the creatures.
  • The majority of snakes lay eggs rather than giving birth to live young.
  • In other words, they are those which exploit both aquatic and terrestrial environments.

Uromastyx is a genus (a group of closely-related species) of mid-to-large sized lizards. This rarely-seen species has a long, silver, eel-like body. It is named for the horn-like projection on its face, which resembles the horn of a unicorn. Found in the Americas, the two-hundred plus members of this family have large or intricate noses, which is an adaption thought to assist with echolocation. Choloepodidae is one of two sloth families, the other being Bradypodidae, which is home to the three-toed sloths.

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Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth is named after Karl Hoffmann, a German doctor and naturalist who discovered several new species. All umbrellabirds have black plumage and a distinctive fleshy pouch, which is known as a wattle, hanging from the neck. This pouch can be inflated, and serves to amplify the birds’ booming calls. Like all ground squirrels, the Uinta ground squirrel is a member of the squirrel family, Sciuridae. The species is named after the Uinta Mountains of Utah and Wyoming. Like all chipmunks, the Uinta chipmunk is a rodent, and a member of the squirrel family, Sciuridae.

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Several states in North America, Europe, and Asia have designated the brown bear as their national animal. They are animals with coarse hairs and short stubby legs. Swans can be aggressive and fierce when protecting their young ones.

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They are unique and native to the Northern Hemisphere and are found all over the tundra region. True frogs belong to the family of Ranidae and are observed throughout the world, except the continent of Antarctica. They have the widest distribution and vary significantly greatly in size. These frogs are either aquatic or live near to the water and have very moist and even skin. Some of the true frogs can also be arboreal, and some live along brackish water.

Although shrews resemble small rodents such as mice, they belong to a separate family, Soricidae, and are more closely-related to animals such as hedgehogs and moles. Grasslands and woodlands are the species’ preferred habitats, although it may also be found on rocky cliffs and in cold deserts. The male urial has large, backwards-spiraling, ridged horns that can reach up to 1 m / 3.3 ft. in length. Both the two-toed and three-toed sloths have three toes on their hind limbs, but the two-toed species have only two toes on their forelimbs.

Animals are the creatures belonging to the kingdom Animalia. They are living multicellular organisms having different shapes, sizes, and unique lifestyles. The term flight is a classic 15th-century term of venery that refers to only “hawks of the wrist” to include goshawks and sparrowhawks. Hawks of the wrist are true hawks in the genus Accipiter. Aerie also refers to hawks and other birds of prey nesting high on a mountain top. Confusingly, hawks of the tower are technically falcons and not hawks.


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